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Oak Circle Scholarships

Oak Circle Scholarships

Project Goals

$2,839.95 to achieve before June 30, 2017

Oak Circle Scholarships

Reaching this funding goal will allow the scholarship fund to immediately spin off additional scholarships, raising the number of Oak Circle Scholarships that would be available for DU undergraduates.  Once this goal is reached, the project goal will be perpetually be reset with the aim of funding additional scholarships with each accomplished goal.


The Oak Circle Scholarships were established in 2002 upon a recommendation from the Undergraduate Advisory Board (UGAB), which was subsequently submitted to and approved by the DUEF Trustees. The number of scholarships that will be awarded increases incrementally as the endowment increases. Donations to the Oak Circle largely come from the undergraduate members in support of the DUEF. The decision of the UGAB helps ensure that money raised by undergraduates is spent on undergraduates. Currently there are twelve (12) scholarships available each year.

Please note: All materials related to the scholarship application must be submitted and postmarked by March 1st of each calendar year. Extensions beyond the deadline will not be permitted. 


Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their application via the DUEF's online scholarship application process.  Simply click "Apply Now" from any DUEF webpage, or click on the link below to begin the process.

Applications will be reviewed by the Scholarship Selection Committee and final decision regarding the recipients of the awards shall be made no later than March 15th by this committee.  

Oak Scholarship Application

  • UIFI Registration
  • Names as a recipient in the Delta Upsilon Quarterly

Please contact Mike McRee with any questions. Mike can be reached by phone at 317-875-8900, ext. 212 or by e-mail.