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DUEL Experience

DUEL Experience

Project Goals

$3,000.00 to achieve before June 30, 2017

DUEL Experience


Reaching this annual funding goal will allow the program to move toward increasing the number of students that can participate.  Currently at a maximum of 35 students, our immediate aim is to expand the participation to 50 students.


The Delta Upsilon Emerging Leaders Experience (DUEL) is a five-day inclusive program. This program is uniquely designed to help young leaders prepare to meet the challenges and responsibilities in life and in their chapter.  
Each participant develops his unique leadership strengths, and gains an understanding of the shared-values and vision of a chapter leader and dissects the philosophies of the Fraternity's heritage through activities and discussions. By cultivating future chapter leaders early in their Delta Upsilon experience, the Fraternity creates greater potential for both personal and chapter success. This hands-on experience brings a different perspective as each attendee retraces the footsteps of our Founders during a retreat to our founding site at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts.

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • Identify their unique StrengthsQuestâ„¢ profile and how to apply that style within their leadership roles
  • Discover the term strengths-based leadership and verbalize the five basic functions of a leader
  • Recognize and articulate Delta Upsilon's Four Founding Principles and mission statement as the foundational model to leading a chapter
  • Develop their communications and teambuilding skills
  • Formulate problem solving strategies 
  • Create a personal mission statement

What to Expect 

  • Outdoor activities and ropes course
  • Visit to Williams College (Founding Site of Delta Upsilon)
  • Hands-on Activities 
  • Learning with other members
  • Open dialogue and conversations

Cost and Trave

There are currently thirty five (35) openings for this upcoming DUEL Experience program. Chosen DUEL Experience participants will pay a $50 dollar deposit (once accepted) and the remaining program costs are covered by a scholarship from the DU Foundation which covers the cost of lodging, meals, and program materials while attending the program.  Note:  DUEL delegates are responsible for their own transportation to and from the conference.  


Click here for additional information, videos and program registration.  


DUEL delegates should be:

  • New members currently with freshman or sophomore status
  • Energetic, motivated, and excited about being a Delta Upsilon brother
  • Open-minded, cooperative, and a potential chapter leader

Through the kindness and generosity of DU donors, some chapters are afforded an automatic spot each year for DUEL.  Find out what chapters have this great opportunity waiting for them!

For any questions relating to the Charles Evans Hughes DUEL Experience Program, please contact Noah Borton at IHQ at 317-875-8900, ext. 206, or by email.

For information on restricting a gift to the DUEL Program, please contact John Duncan, Director at 317-875-8900, ext. 205 or by email.


The Charles Evans Hughes DUEL Story
In June of 1980 a proposal was written to create the Charles Evans Hughes Undergraduate Fellow Award in memory of our distinguished DU Brother, Charles Evans Hughes, Colgate and Brown 1881.  

The Charles Evans Hughes Fellowship was intended to help assist a third free member from every chapter in attending the Leadership Institute and other leadership-oriented programs, with grants to be made on the basis of need.  Each chapter was to nominate a member using criteria based on observations that Hughes made in an address to the fraternity. The fellowship recipients were to:

  • Be Promising Undergraduates
  • Have the ability to demonstrate intellectual and academic abilities
  • And demonstrate involvement and leadership in the fraternity.

During the 1980-81 fiscal year, Mrs. Elizabeth Hughes Gossett, the youngest daughter of Brother Hughes, donated a gift of 500 shares of One William Street Fund to the DUEF for the purposes of establishing the Fellowship outlined in the proposal. 

On March 13, 1981 the Treasurer of the DUEF, Bruce S. Bailey, Denison '58, reported during a special called meeting, that the Foundation's advisory investment council had recommended that the DUEF sell the shares of One William Street. On April 24, 1981 the Trustees of the DUEF unanimously approved the sale of the stock, which was to be used to create a restricted endowment for the Charles Evans Hughes Fellows Program.

After reviewing the purpose and criteria of the Charles Evans Hughes Fellowship, the DUEF Staff that the Board of Trustees approved the use of the Charles Evans Hughes Undergraduate Fellow Award to serve as a restricted endowment for the Delta Upsilon Emerging Leaders (DUEL) Program.

Upon the Fraternity and Foundation's agreement, the decision was made to rename the Delta Upsilon Emerging Leaders Program to the Charles Evans Hughes - Delta Upsilon Emerging Leaders  Program.

The DUEL program closely resembles the request and original intent of Mrs. Elizabeth Hughes Gossett both in the scope of the program and the DUEL delegates are nominated by their chapter using a criteria similar to those originally proposed for the Charles Evans Hughes Fellowship.

The DUEL Program becomes the DUEL Experience

The DUEL program premiered at the 2000 Leadership Institute in Pittsburgh.  Twenty men from 20 different chapters were nominated by their chapters and spent more than 16 hours of programming time together, attending specialized educational development sessions and a human service event.   These DUEL delegates were new members that possessed leadership capabilities and the potential for serving in a leadership role in the chapter. 

Many DU brothers have now graduated from DUEL, and have thoroughly enjoyed the intensive training program.  More than 90% of these DUEL graduates have gone on to serve on their chapter's executive board, Fraternity committees, and even as DU staff.  Here's what DUEL delegates have said about their experience:


"DUEL was a tremendous learning experience for me, something that I surely will never forget.  It is amazing the bonds you build with brothers from different states and countries in just the two and a half days that we were together."

"(DUEL) presents opportunities to develop skills of people who haven't had the opportunity to learn them before.  It also ensures these skills will be passed on to the chapters."

"I have a multitude of new ideas to implement regarding recruitment, retention, and general leadership styles.  I can't wait to put these ideas into action!"


In 2009, in conjunction with the Fraternity's 175th Anniversary, DUEL was given a face lift, and the named changed from the DUEL Program to the DUEL Experience.  The most notable change to the program is that instead of being offered each year at the Fraternity's Winter Educational Conference, participants now travel to Williamstown, Massachusetts to have the entire learning process conducted in the area where our Founders first congregated in 1834.  The program includes the "experience" of learning in the shadow of our Founding building, standing where our Founders once stood.  The experience is truly magical and provides wonderful insight into the Fraternity's founding and leadership.  

Participants graduate from this program with a greater understanding of the Fraternity's hertiage, ideals, purposes and values.