Delta Upsilon Foundation


Annual Loyalty Fund

Annual Loyalty Fund

Project Goals

$105,425.70 to achieve before June 30, 2017

DUEF Annual Loyalty Fund

FUNDING GOAL - $425,000
Reaching this funding goal will allow the Foundation to properly operate and provide the fundraising and educational needs of the Fraternity.  Reaching our annual support goal will help ensure the continuation of available scholarships for our brothers and other means of fundraising support and services for our alumni and undergraduate chapters.

While we are a separately chartered organization, we enjoy our partnership with Delta Upsilon as a fundraising resource for the Fraternity. The Delta Upsilon Educational Foundation is a separate 501(c)3 organization that raises tax-deductible gifts in an effort to support and further leadership programs of the Fraternity; and to provide scholarships and other educational opportunities.  Through annual support from alumni, undergraduates and friends, the DUEF is able to function and provide an annual grant to the Fraternity for educational and leadership support.  Annual fund gifts also make it possible to provide this website and other services to chapters, increasing our ability to assist our chapters in raising money for their own needs as well. 


The Delta Upsilon Educational Foundation believes in giving due recognition to its donors to honor their generosity and loyal support.  The DUEF offers recognition in a variety of ways.  At the conclusion of the Foundation's fiscal giving year on June 30th, the names of the giving faithful are compiled and added to the Foundation's Annual Report, which is featured in the fall issue of the Delta Upsilon Quarterly.  There, the complete list of donor, listed by chapter, is provided. 

President's Club

The President's Club is the Foundation's oldest and foremost giving club.  Established in the early 1970s by then-Fraternity President W. D. Watkins, North Carolina '27, the President's Club recognizes those giving leaders of the DUEF who have given a total of $500 or more in a fiscal year through the annual appeal.  The names of all President's Club members are listed additionally in the annual report.  More information on the President's Club can be found on this website. In addition, the members of the President's Club also receive a special President's Club lapel pin that recognizes their number of years in the President's Club. 


The 1834 SOCIETY

This Society recognizes those Brothers and Friends who chose to make a gift with a monthly commitment of $18.34 for one year through a check or credit card payment.

Annual loyalty fund donor recognition

Delta Upsilon is pleased to recognize donors who reach certain annual giving levels with membership in Giving Clubs. All gifts received within the fiscal yeah are credited to Club memberships. The following gift levels are recognized:

$50+.............Loyalty Club

$100+...........Sapphire Blue Club

$250+ ..........Old Gold Club 

$500+...........President's Club

$1,000+ .......Founders Club

$2,500+........Scales of Justice Club

$5,000+........Non-Secret Club

$7,500+........Seven Stars Club

$10,000+......Global Impact Club

$15,000+......Cornerstone Club

$20,000+......Coat of Arms Club

$25,000+......Men of Merit Club

$50,000+......Old West College Club

Consecutive Giving 

Recognizes all donors who have given consistently to the annual appeal for 25 or more consecutive years. 

The Top Ten Chapters 

Each year the "Top Ten Chapters" list is compiled to recognize the chapters who have given the most money, and those that had the most number of donors in a fiscal year. 

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